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Milton Ultimate

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About Us
We're an Ultimate Frisbee recreational sports league based in Milton, Ontario, Canada. Our fourth season wrapped up with indoor Ultimate over the winter for the first time!  We serve one of the fastest growing communities in the country.
Our mission is to provide a fun, friendly atmosphere for playing a great sport at a reasonable cost. Ultimate Frisbee provides fitness benefits unmatched by most other sports, and the equipment won't break the bank -- all you need is a disc! Click here to sign up or to get more info.
About Ultimate
Ultimate Frisbee, or just "Ultimate" as it's now commonly known, combines some of the elements of football, soccer, rugby, and basketball, played with an Ultimate disc (or "Frisbee"). History of the game can be found here.
In one sense, the rules are simple: Catch the disc in the end zone to score. First team to 15 wins.
But the nuances of the game are subtle. Full rules as governed by the Ultimate Players Association can be found here.
More Info
Do you have a quick question that needs to be answered? Contact us using one of the methods below:
Milton Ultimate
Steve Carpenter
609 Pollock Gate
Milton, ON
Milton office: 905 876 7080
Mobile: 416 803 3496
Or send us your info here.